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DEFEND Intern Programme 2021-2022

Let’s get your career to take off!!!!

You don’t need a degree or certifications to apply for the 2021-2022 DEFEND Internship & Development Programme. You just need a deep passion and interest for Business & Technology.

If you are returning to work and can only commit to part-time then please still apply. The Covid lockdowns have taught us to that life is a balance and we can accommodate work from anywhere in New Zealand and at any time.

At DEFEND we recognise cybersecurity is a business risk that our customers need to resolve. Threats and Risk cannot be remediated by just technology alone. We also need to deeply consider the people and process underpinned by the business element of improving resilience.


DEFEND Internship


This development programme is offering 10 positions to commence from Monday 14th February 2022 and will run for 3 months of paid experience to allow and enable you the opportunity to learn skills and capabilities across the entire cybersecurity core functions.

It will not be easy, and will include an intensive level of development and training across People, Process and Technology. You will be challenged, and you will have to put time, energy and study towards this programme.


  1. You must have a proven interest in our industry and able to articulate why you want to join this highly selective training initiative.
  2. You must be focused, referenceable and willing to undertake a detailed background  check.
  3. You must be currently in New Zealand and authorised to work here.
  4. You must be committed to giving it your all and doing something meaningful for yourself and the New Zealand cybersecurity industry.
  5. You must have an attention to detail and able to follow instructions.
  6. The most important requirement, you must be customer centric with relentless focus to deliver outcomes that benefit others before yourself.

The process

We request you submit your CV and complete a “PreviewMe” video introduction. If you can’t complete the video introduction then we request a 2 page written summary of why you want to be part of this programme and what you hope to achieve from participating. Submit to apply@defend.co.nz with subject: Intern Programme

We will review all profiles and submissions in December and complete final interviews before letting the successful applicants know the outcome by the 17th December 2021.

The programme will commence 14th February 2022 and you need to be available to commence committed and ready to learn.

What is in it for you?

We run this programme to give you the opportunity to develop a trade and a career within this important industry.

We appreciate that not everyone will want to remain at DEFEND after the internship so be assured, we will be committed to help to take your career to the next level and obtain exposure to one of the most important industries on the planet.

At the end of this programme you are free to continue your journey and apply for a role with DEFEND or other cybersecurity related organisations. We will support and sponsor you to find the right role for you if you opt not to continue with DEFEND.